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Darrelle Revis: 'Sad' for Rex Ryan

Ken Schroy

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FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- It has been two years since he last played for the New York Jets, but Darrelle Revis still has an affinity for coach Rex Ryan, whose defensive scheme allowed the star cornerback to create "Revis Island."

Revis, currently in his first season with the New England Patriots, is upset at the widespread speculation that Ryan will be fired after the season.

"It's kind of sad for the position that Rex is in right now, but at the same time [the record is] something that they've got to change," Revis said Wednesday on a conference call with the New York media.



Revis returns to MetLife Stadium on Sunday for the second time since his controversial 2013 trade to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs opened the 2013 season at MetLife.

This time, it'll spark more emotion for all parties because he's playing for the Jets' No. 1 rival.

"I'm really not trying to pay attention to [the Jets' struggles], I'm really not," Revis said. "Me and Rex have a lot of history and we all know that. Some of those guys are dear to my heart and everything, but like I said, I've got to focus on the things that I am doing here, and I wish Rex the best."

Sources said Ryan was interested in reuniting with Revis last offseason -- and vice versa -- but Jets' management and ownership decided not to pursue him when he was released by the Bucs.

Asked how much he misses Revis, Ryan smiled.

"Revis? Ah ... you know," said Ryan, who went on to say he's proud of the players he has.

Ryan and Revis were a perfect fit because of the coach's defensive scheme, which flourishes when it has a shutdown corner. Life hasn't been the same without Revis, whose steep contract demands prompted the Jets to trade him.

Since 2009, Ryan has coached the same number of games with and without Revis. The results are dramatically different.

In 47 games with Revis on the field, Ryan was 27-20, ranking second in total defense and fifth in points allowed.

In 47 games without him (counting the games Revis missed due to injuries), Ryan is 18-29, ranking seventh in total defense and 22nd in points allowed.

Ryan declined to say whether the Jets made a mistake by not trying to re-sign Revis last offseason.

"Guys, I think we've addressed this before," he said. "Go back to our notes from the first time we played New England or even when Revis was in Tampa. You make decisions based on things. A lot of them work out, some maybe don't work out as well as others. I don't think it's fair to sit back and say this or that."

Because of injuries and questionable personnel decisions, the Jets are a mess at cornerback. They've allowed 29 touchdowns, with only five interceptions.

"I'm over here, that ship has sailed," Revis said. "I missed that boat. I caught the New England Patriots' boat."

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Rex wouldnt be 3 - 11 if he had CBs that could play instead of backups.


Izzy screwed him.

Yeah he'd be maybe 5-9 whoopee . With Rex its always the what if game - what if he had a QB , what if he has Cb's what if he had a rush OLB - How about what if the Jets had a better HC. 

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Respectfully I disagree. "Revis Island" belongs to the Jets forever. 2009-2010 were amazing years and as a fan I will always appreciate it. Someday I will tell my grandkids about Revis...one of the great all time Jets!

Fine but he will have spent more of his career as a NON JET than a JET.  Like the Yankees laying claim to Reggie. Reggie was a Yankee for 5 years and George paid him to bo in the hall as a Yankee. Nothing wrong with it but he will never be a Klecko or Chrebet in my mind.  

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