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#### New York Jets vs Miami Dolphins --- The Official Game Thread ####


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3 minutes ago, Sperm Edwards said:

Calvin Pryor boastfully pointing to the sky after his sh***y coverage, and only reason it wasn't a first down is the receiver dropped an easy pass. 

Cats and Dogs living together. Up is down.  But is down up?

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12 minutes ago, shevys said:

For those like you who are too slow to follow, we all want Fitz to do well. However, he generally sucks so we want to move on to plan B or C. We know what he is and he's a serviceable backup. Nothing more. 

So you rather a loss so Fitzpatrick is out. Gotcha ya

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2 minutes ago, Colgateman said:

The fact that Fitzpatrick trotted out there on this drive has caused me to lose complete faith in Bowles.


I want to see Petty as much as the next guy, but something tells me he's either not up to speed just yet, or not healthy.

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