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I hope for all the world that I am wrong but this game has the sniff of a blowout. 
I really think this team is past that stage where we get blown out...I definitely can see why you might feel this way, this is somewhat uncharted waters for us but I think this team has turned that corner... fingers crossed

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wow, they just showed the replay of Sauce knocking the ball out versus Jakobi Meyers (Pats). That WR took an easy 1-2 maybe even 3 steps. How that wasn't ruled a fumble and recovery is only explicable when you consider that Roger Goodell sucks buttholes.

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5 minutes ago, johnnysd said:

I have to admit I think this game could be a nightmare scenario for the Jets. Really really hope White steps up.

Yea, I have no idea what to expect going into this... but, it's a few weeks before Christmas and we're legit. I'll take it, regardless of the outcome. I am happy that we're ahead of schedule on this rebuild farce.

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Alex Kemp’s Impact on Bills vs Jets

Alex Kemp is the head referee for the Bills vs Jets Week 14 game. Let’s break down how Kemp may impact this game and betting markets.

How does Alex Kemp Impact this Game?

The Bills and Jets meet for the second time this season in Week 14. The previous matchup was officiated by Land Clark, one of the least offense-friendly refs in the NFL. That won’t be the case this Sunday with Alex Kemp officiating.

Defensive Pass Interference/Defensive Holding/Illegal Contact

The Bills average the second-most defensive holding penalties per game. Alex Kemp calls the fourth-most penalties per game in this key defensive category.
The Jets are below average overall for defensive holding penalties. However, all of their defensive holding penalties have occurred in road games in 2022.
The Bills and Jets are at around NFL average for defensive pass interference, and Alex Kemp a touch below average. However, all of Kemp’s defensive pass interference penalties in 2022 have been called on the road team
Alex Kemp is co-ranked number one in the NFL for illegal contact penalties per game. It’s not a major penalty category, but it’s 100% beneficial to the offense 
The Bottom Line:

Alex Kemp, in his four-year career as head referee, is 59% to the Over including an NFL-best 8-3 to the Over in the 2022 season.
In divisional games like Bills vs Jets, Kemp is one of the few referees with an above .500 record on totals. 58% of Divisional games with Alex Kemp officiating have gone over the total.
The Bills lost with Kemp officiating in Week 3 at the Dolphins. It was a game Buffalo dominated statistically but repeatedly shot themselves in the foot. That’s unlikely to occur again in Week 14. There are some key penalty angles that do favor the home team Bills here. Keep an eye on the weather for Sunday, but if conditions are reasonable in Buffalo, this has the potential to be a higher-scoring game. Kemp is 8-3 to the over in 2022, and 9-3 is a real possibility after Sunday. Bills vs Jets over 44 is the play.

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