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Cimini's OC candidates


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1 hour ago, playtowinthegame said:

I thought QB record was a team stat? Look at the stats this guy has put up over his career.


Year Age Tm G GS Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD Int Y/C Y/G Rate QBR GWD
Career     142 142 3201 4958 64.6 35222 217 99 11.0 248.0 91.8   33
2014 23 OAK 16 16 348 599 58.1 3270 21 12 9.4 204.4 76.6 42.1 1
2015* 24 OAK 16 16 350 573 61.1 3987 32 13 11.4 249.2 91.1 43.1 4
2016* 25 OAK 15 15 357 560 63.8 3937 28 6 11.0 262.5 96.7 56.1 7
2017* 26 OAK 15 15 323 515 62.7 3496 22 13 10.8 233.1 86.4 50.5 1
2018 27 OAK 16 16 381 553 68.9 4049 19 10 10.6 253.1 93.9 46.5 3
2019 28 OAK 16 16 361 513 70.4 4054 21 8 11.2 253.4 100.8 64.1 3
2020 29 LVR 16 16 348 517 67.3 4103 27 9 11.8 256.4 101.4 64.3 5
2021 30 LVR 17 17 428 626 68.4 4804 23 14 11.2 282.6 94.0 52.4 6
2022 31 LVR 15 15 305 502 60.8 3522 24 14 11.5 234.8 86.3 55.5 3


I hope he doesn't reject the Jets like Cousins did. We basically can be as good as the Vikings this year if Joe Douglas can patch together a respectable offensive line and Breece Hall can get healthy. Maybe have to draft another running back to hedge our bets on Breece Hall making a full recovery.

Which is why I always say SCREW Kirk Cousins, who J.O. that laughed at our team when it tried to get him. Me? ,I want Derek Carr which probably means they will hand the starting job back over to Zach friggin' Wilson, using the same old rhetoric, "We believe in his talents" (which I personally never saw) and "he's been working hard, doing all the right things" blah blah focking blah



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2 hours ago, WhartonJet said:

This is what I hope is happening at 1 Jets Drive.  The QB they will target will be immensely important for the OC search.  Since we will be hiring an OC before we can sign a QB in free agency or trade for one, I really hope JD is thinking this through with the intention of the OC being the right fit for the QB they want.  

Example - the OC we would be targeting if we are planning on signing/trading for Derek Carr should be completely different than if we are planning on trading the farm for Lamar Jackson or even signing Jimmy G.

Exactly. The only reason I wanted Jimmy G was under the assumption that MLF would still be here. With him now gone, my number 1 target is Carr which means hiring a coach that he’s comfortable with so maybe Olson could be the guy. 

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9 minutes ago, playtowinthegame said:

I was under the presumption the Raiders were going to release him, because he has the no-trade clause. Maybe we give up a low draft pick, so the Raiders get something. What would it cost to get a quarterback who was benched to eliminate the risk of a $40 million injury guarantee kicking in, and the quarterback can control his destination with a no-trade clause? As for finding a freak quarterback with upside I'm all for it. I think you draft a quarterback every year. Look at the 49ers. They drafted one in the 7th round last year, and it's paying off for them. 49ers lucked out big time, but you can't get lucky if you don't keep drafting them. As for Zach Wilson, I'm not sure if they'll move on from him only 2 years away from being the 2nd overall pick, unless Joe Douglas can work his magic again and find a trade partner.

No clue what it will cost or take to get Carr but it does look the Raiders are shopping him for trade.

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2 hours ago, Beerfish said:

Well if you want to evaluate my posts you better read them all.  I've listed guys who I think would be good.  (Joe Brady, Todd Monken, I'd be okay with Greg Olson after reading more about him) I've listed guys I think will be bad.  (I listed Hackett and nagy before they were mentioned by any media) Three out of the four guys mentioned are in my bad category.

Now lets get to your choices so we can quote at a alter date?  Who do you like and who do you not like?


1. Olson, pair with Carr 

2. Hackett or Nagy because they were both excellent OC’s before they failed as head coaches.   As you know, some coaches can only be position coaches.  

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24 minutes ago, hmhertz said:

Brian Hartline would be a fine selection.

Ohio State in recent years has produced the best

rookie receivers, including Garrett Wilson. Wilson

aside our Wrs & TEs suck at getting open

Also Riley from TCU might be a good choice///

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9 hours ago, Rich Thornburgh said:

Hackett is trash.  Did you see the gigantic egg he laid this year?

Did you notice this year he was a HC and not an OC?  He was very successful as an OC and we’re looking far an OC.  He’s a possible candidate.  

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4 minutes ago, Rich Thornburgh said:

He did a great job getting coffee for Aaron Rodgers for 2 years I agree

And helping him win back to back league MVPs and back to bc, conference championships.  

I know he’s a Hackett and that leads to lots of dumb conclusions. 
He wouldn’t be my first choice necessarily but I can understand him being a candidate 

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Just now, Rich Thornburgh said:

My dog could have had the same results as Aaron Rodgers OC.  Hackett will be fired next January 

You’re dog might just be better than you at these things 

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