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Armando takes another shot at the Jets


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Its true.

Its harder to lose weight through diet and exercise. Maybe the reason why Rex still has a front porch on him is because he is still eating everything in sight?

Eating can be compulsive and obesity can be genetic. You and Armando are welcome to step in front of a cement mixer any time now.

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The Jets are really under this punks [Armando's] skin to almost daily it seems to concern himself with anything Jets.

Hit the nail on the head. How many columns about the Dolphins have the New York writers written? And I think there are more newspapers in New York than in Miami.

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And, you are the Village Idiot of Jet Nation. :lol:
Like anybody considers anything you post to have the slightest bit of credibility. :yawn:

However what I said regarding you flea, seems to be a unanimous sentiment. :rl:

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Have to be honest I don't care how hard Rex works at losing weight. I doubt his players do either.

Florio is a hack for writing this though. Pretty weak.

What do you expect - he was Trey Wingo's buddy at ESPN before he got the job at the Miami Herald. I clearly suspect that Wingo got him the Herald job as a favor when his time at ESPN ended.

He's a devout Dolphin fan who does not understand that:

  • the Miami/Dade community does not really support the team in that stadium
    • Yes they do in the state, but not at the game itself
      • If they did, they would sell out their season tickets
      • If they did, they would not have to package non-divisional home games with their AFC east individual game day tickets

    [*]Every year their HOME games against the Patriot & Jets are 45% Patriots & Jets fans who's gradparents live nearby & go to the game with them

...But the man is a Professional Journalist - HE'S A HACK BLOG WRITER!

I digress...

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