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If you could take 1 player (not QB) from NFL and make him a Jet...


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Who would it be? One player comes and the current starter at that position goes .So obviously we dont get rid of Mo or Sheldon for example as upgrade wouldnt be significant.

Lets NOT count QB for a more interesting thread :)


I will start:

To help our Offense which is in worse shape than our D, I'll take Jimmy Graham. He would provide instant safety valve for QB.

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Healthy Bowman is better than Willis


I think that's a wash. Willis grades out positively in all aspects of the game, pretty sure PFF has him beating out Bowman the last few years for their all-pro award. Again, it's really nit-picking their though, both are just awesome. Almost unfair that they're on the the same team.




I'd have to go:

Defense: JJ Watt

Offense: Calvin Johnson

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Megatron obviously, at first instinct.

But I'd really like a top end WR on a rookie deal, if I'm looking to build something.

That being said, I think Josh Gordon fits that bill, best.

Defense: Kuekley or Watt.

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Do contracts factor into it? I don't care how talented Megatron is, no single WR is worth $20M/year unless the cap limit goes up to $200M.  Takes too much away from elsewhere.  IMO only QBs are worth that.  Also as beastly as Watt is, that's not what this team is sorely lacking.  Some batted passes aside, he might have one of the lowest impacts on this defense getting much better.


I'll go with Patrick Peterson if I'm going D. Kid's awesome, has a great attitude, is still only what, 23? He has another 2 seasons before he hits Revis-level $.  I'd have picked a stud OLB pass rusher if I thought one would have been as hard to replicate as Peterson (or Sherman; at this level I wouldn't be too picky with one over the other).  Sherman's a bit of a me-first publicity hound, but I wouldn't exactly think of him as a trouble-maker, and he's pretty freaking awesome.  Peterson I just like better and he always gets put on the #1 WR like Revis used to. 


I liked a couple of ideas mentioned on offense: Gordon and Charles both make peanuts for what they do on the field.  Gordon will have the longer career, assuming he stays out of trouble, but I think Charles helps this offense more right now.  Probably career longevity and general durability wins me over.  I think I take Gordon based on last year's performance and his age (turns 23 in April), and contract status (locked up for 2 more years at low $).  Now watch him get suspended for the year next week and he's out of football for good before he turns 25.


Tough call.  Really, I'd take any of them and be thrilled.  Some other great names mentioned as well.  I think these guys would be the among the hardest to find another just like him and would have the biggest impacts on the team.  

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Peterson is a great choice on D. I'm getting a kick out of the CB talk this offseason considering last offseason.


No one else on Green? What a phenomenal player.


Alex Green is already on the team, numbnuts.


Seriously, AJ is absolutely awesome.  Sometimes you just forget about a player for no reason.

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