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Tom Brady Suspended 4 games, Pats forfeit 2016 1st rounder and 2017 4th rounder


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Can it be increased if it's appealed? Guess the Pat fans will start their lawsuit now.

I read something (may have just been fan speculation) about him having to give up texts in an appeal. I'm just a pessimist, so I still expect him to get off :P

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This is the greatest day in the history of humans on the earth.




The Steelers and Bills are the big AFC winners.  This sucks for us.  In fact, we are Brady's first home game, the crowd will be insane.


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They'll reduce it to 2 games I'm sure. I don't like it.


1) The Pats had nothing to do with it, there was no need to take away their 1st round pick or even fine them. None of the evidence suggests the Pats knew what Brady was doing. So I don't agree with this.

2) Brady should have been suspended at least 8 games. He cheated. It wasn't their entire team. He cheated. He was also the one who didn't cooperate, who didn't hand evidence over (texts etc.).


NFL dropped the ball, again.

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