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### Jets \ Giants --- The Official Game Thread ###


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I'm just wondering how in the hell did our crappy QB who can't bring us back from a 4th quarter deficit, bring us back from a 4th quarter deficit ? How he do that ? How ?

He's not even allowed to win more than 6 games in a season!

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Fitz, Marshall, Decker and Powell put this team on their shoulders.

Defense got better as the game went on... and were big, in most of the big moments.

This Jets team is too much of a work-in-progress for us to expect them not to win ugly sometimes. This win was huge though, a team-defining type of win. The SOJ of the past fold up and go home down by 10 in the 4th quarter. These guys fought their way back, in spite of the Special Teams, and stole a win back "on the road". 

What a good game.



well said!

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Just loved the two posts within about 4 posts earlier in this thread by the FitzhatersGenoluvers.  'It is time for Fitz to step up!' (translation, if i say this every single game and hope enough he will fail and then we can get geno in there.) this after our special teams hand the giants a td, we fumble in our own end and we let Beckham torch us for a 70 yarder.

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