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Brady's bulked-up gained weight


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1 hour ago, jeTMAC said:

He said he did it so he can take more hits because he's 41 years old. Lol!!!!!! He's going to end up getting injured .. He is pushing it.. can't wait for QW to smash him up this year

Lol if the sport were real, he'd have been limping  away 5 or 10 years ago.

They do a that sock bunching  at his ankles to hide how skinny he is

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1 hour ago, neckdemon said:

This doesnt look like a guy who can make it through an NFL season

Oh but the refs have been making darn sure he does. "Shytty oline? Eh just lettem all hold for Tommy boy....DE grabbed Tom's jersey? Throw that fckin flag! He can't touch our Golden Boy! Roughing the passer!" Douches. Just let him get killed by the Jets D and heal the NFL of the Brady curse. Thats my opinion.

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