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What a game but it’s hard to be a Jets fan and watching this game without any sadness. Both these guys are great. Either would be king of NY at this point. **** man.

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1 minute ago, Sarge4Tide said:

Have you ever ridden in a car with your insurance agent?

I know this question was rhetorical, but considering my first job was as an insurance agent, and I did place my own insurance, I would have to answer yes.

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3 minutes ago, Larz said:


Crazy story,  Thursday night in WPB we had a car get hit by a train. Witnesses said the driver waited until the train was about 150 yards away, drove onto the tracks, and got out and stood there between the car and train. Ugly scene. Thanks for reminding me. LOL. 

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33 minutes ago, pdxgreen said:

Voiceovers in the NFL. 

Well.  It goes better than the ones in Bladerunner.


I've heard that Ford HATED the idea if the voice over narration but he was contractually obligated to do it , so he intentionally did a bad, super flat, odd narration. But they went with it anyway, because the studio thought people were too stupid to understand the movie.  

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