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The Clean Up is Coming


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14 hours ago, Paradis said:

It’s weird, I’ve never made a madoff reference in my life, then 12 hours after I do he drops dead. 

Anyone else I should hex?

Oh yes, the only person on here that delves into the black arts of witchcraft and with crystal pendulum type things and we are all supposed to assume this is a coincidence.

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14 hours ago, pointman said:


When I see your new avatar I think you love Dee Milliner. Every post. True story. 

What do you have against Darryl Roberts?   

Also, how old are you?  Cause you should know the Dominator.  This post pretty much warranted a neg rep from me.  I had been Dominating and wearing #27 (and sometimes #83, #31 or #25) for 20 years when Dee Millner was born, though the player I took the name from didn't join the Jets until 1984. 

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1 hour ago, kelly said:

sooo, u don't Like my..


...eye-shadow ?   ?


You will be banned for this. You were warned and banned in the past.


Locking this and I will talk to the mods later. There is another poster in another thread that is getting banned tonight. And Kelly.

I legit warned everyone. Tried to be nice about this. So when everything is handed out I don't want to hear any crying. Seriously don't know what else we can do. We have a few rules. Don't fight. Don't curse. Don't post politics. Don't post lewd photos.


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