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OT: Yuka, a virtual additives library

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Disclaimer: this is a non-profit thread. There are probably other products alike and you are welcome to share.

Hello Jets family.

As you may already know, I have been advocating for proper nutrition by posting various subjects such as apple cider vinegar, autophagy (intermittent fasting) amongst others.

It is extremely important to maintain a metabolic balance for many reasons. Currently, there are 238,000 processed foods on the market with a 1 trillion dollar industry, meaning that the low standards FDA have a fight on their hands.

ANSES is the European version of the FDA and has higher standards. Yuka, is an application that was developed in Europe to inform the public about additives and chemicals in processed foods and beauty products.

One particular element that is necessary to the body is phosphorus; however, we are overloading our bodies three (3) times or more than needed. Excess phosphorus can lead to many potential diseases including cardiovascular and kidneys. Yuka helps detect additives and harmful chemicals on products and phosphorus is the most common one of all.

I just wanted to plant a small seed and I hope this information is helpful. 

Below is the picture of the product per playstore and a few screenshots:



Take care my Jets family and stay holistically conscious!


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3 hours ago, Barry McCockinner said:

A helpful guide for all y'all who think putting "OT" in the title of BS in the main forum is the way:




I'll do whatever necessary to plant the seed, I know some folks will appreciate this type of information, sorry you don't. 

Helping people is a good thing @Barry McCockinner and that is my intention. 



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