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Raiders Fire HC Josh McDaniels and GM Dave Ziegler

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42 minutes ago, Mogglez said:

In how many weeks does BB send Bill O’Brien to the sun and rehire Josh?

0 weeks, Josh is probably flying there right now as a special assistant.

Hopefully he can replace Billy as HC when he retires.  :)

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5 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

21 years (and counting) without a playoff victory yet every summer @Raideraholic has them as a SB contender.  You can set your clock to it!

A broken clock is correct once every 24 hours.  So he's getting close. Oh you said 21 years.  But since 1 Radiuh fan hour is the equivalent one human year, for sure the Raiduhs are Superbowl bound sometime in the next 3 hours. That's in Raiduh fan years in case you can't do the math. 

edit: ehhhh he's always wrong.  Necessary condition for being a Raiduh fan in the first place.

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I don’t think McDaniels was going to last, but 3-5 is a pretty quick hook, no?

I don’t see the big benefit to firing a guy 8 games into the season. 

is their talent really much better than 3-5? They don’t even have the worst record in the conference (go pats!)

I don’t know, this just seems to perpetuate the aura of dysfunction surrounding that organization. 

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