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Jets-Bills predictions


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Pennington 14/15 139 yards

Jones 17 carries 88 yards

Coles 3 catches 32 yards

Cotchery 6 catches 70 yards

Baker 2 catches 12 yards

Washinton 2 catches 14 yards

Jones 1 catch 11 yards


Sean Ellis sack for a safety

David Harris sack for a safety

Kerry Rhodes late interception to seal the win

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Toronto Jills 24

Barilla-Led Jests 12

Mangina's comments- "I thought chad played well, made good decisions for the most part, sure he would like those 3 Ints back, they did cost the team

21 points, but that i am looking at the total picture. Chad is my QB nuff said"

1-7 on the road to Run DMC!!!!!!!!!

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I hate to be the negative Nancy, but the Bills are playing a style of D that unfortunately Chad has never been able to crack. Add the that the fact that their offense is managing well and I see us losing. Again.

I'm with Boozer-I say we lose....sorry I just don't see us winning-I predicted 1-6 by the time this game rolled around and unfotunately-i'm friggin right

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the jets will be down 50-14 when pennington gets hurt in the second half. clemens comes in and throws for like 8 TD and wins the game for the jets.


hey its my prediction so dont steal it![-X

ey chadharm-our saftey's name is mis-spelled .......Rhodes

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