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Rank Your Teams [in order of caring]


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So lets get this striaght, theres no





In any order? So where does that stigma that everyone seems to believe in come from?

I think the younger generation nullified that. We're all mutants.

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So your just a fan of the whole Pac-10 in general or do you have a team?

I root for Cal first.. Then if theyre out of natl champ picture I root for the next best California team (usually USC, ugh)... and then if USC blows it Ill root for the Pac-10 team that has the best shot at a Natl championship. So right now Oregon I guess.

I go to a D1A school (Cal Poly, so obviously Id root for them first but theyre FCS not FBS).. and grew up in Sacramento so really no major school near me. So really I just want to see California/West coast do better than everybody else. Which sadly for football doesnt happen to often...

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