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### NY Jets vs Philadelphia Eagles--- Game Thread ###

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The New York Jets are 2 and 0. I repeat the New York Jets are 2 and 0. Today we are sticking with No Easy Way Out from Rocky IV. The lyrics say, I see all the angry faces. But when the Jets BEAT the E

That is how winning is done.

Beautiful but breezy morning. Grill smoke perfuming the air. arena rock blasting in the near distance. slap of wood as Eagles fans corn hole with one another 2 parking spots over.   coals are hot

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Fitz can't make a big play, the Eagles D is stacking the box and playing well, and we have no answer to Darren Sproles. Bad setup for us. 

Mathews and Sproles fit the offense so much better than Murray.  That's why I was so happy I thought he was playing. 

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What a disgraceful performance by the Jets on all phases...I would say its more Jets ineptitude than anything else.

It's a function of talent.  There is almost none on the offensive side of the ball...Marshall, but he's a posession receiver and seemingly a moron.  That's it..

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LOL. Rex is gone so everything must be fine, amirite?

Ryan badly needed to go, but Bowles got a lot of credit for doing not a lot of note. Guys flat-out handed jobs, no adjustments in game, mindless challenges (which he got credit for being better than Ryan before his first game), blatant lack of discipline on and off the field. But it's a "refreshing" change.

It's 3 games into his coaching career, so it's not like he's not going to get a lot better. He will. But a lot of lucky circumstances in the first 2 games, plus a cushy situation of $50M or whatever it was in cap space, was used as justification for how awesome he is.

He might be awesome. He just isn't awesome yet.

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  • Fitz looks off
  • This is the second week in a row where Bowles has made a worthless challenge, that anyone at home could see he'd lose
  • Marshall is trying to do too much, just get open, good ******* grief
  • If Ivory is hurt, just use Powell... Stacy sucks
  • Take more shots downfield to Devin, at this point, the defense is bunched up in the middle of the field to defend all the crossing routes and slants that we put on film the last 2 weeks - force them to defend more of the field
  • If the offense cannot sustain a drive, at least milk the 3 downs you get to give our defense time to breathe - you could clearly see that we played right into what Kelly wants with our defense gased and confused at the end of the half - don't get outcoached by that buffoon


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