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### NY Jets vs Philadelphia Eagles--- Game Thread ###

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The New York Jets are 2 and 0. I repeat the New York Jets are 2 and 0. Today we are sticking with No Easy Way Out from Rocky IV. The lyrics say, I see all the angry faces. But when the Jets BEAT the E

That is how winning is done.

Beautiful but breezy morning. Grill smoke perfuming the air. arena rock blasting in the near distance. slap of wood as Eagles fans corn hole with one another 2 parking spots over.   coals are hot

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I would be interested to know what the offensive game plan was for this game.  Why is Ivory in uniform?

They don't have the skill players to do anything else.

A back-up QB, with no explosive playmakers.  It's a possession offense and the QB has been erratic and a few drops..

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The only way I can half rationalize what is going on here is that we came in expecting the eagles to run the same terrible game plans they ran in the first two games and they came out completely different and we haven't made the adjustments fast enough.

Or we are just playing like sh*t.

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You know even worse? The defense will be right back out there because General Sh*tzpatrick can't throw a decent ball more than 2-5 yards. Blows my mind that this guy was being COMPLETELY outplayed by Geno for these EXACT reasons in camp and there are some here who don't wanna admit that this is exactly who he is and that Geno should be back in there.

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Bowles is getting played in the game. He's falling for all the eagles BS after they were exposed as frauds. All you have to do is get them to have one 3 & out and t ruins the game plan. Instead the jets are the ones allowing themselves to go 3 & out cause Gaily is SHotty 2.0. Now the Defense is sucking wind.

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