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The Jets put out their own wine,so is it any good?


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The Jets put out their own wine, so is it any good? I bought a bottle and drank it to find out

Updated 6:36 AM; Today 6:00 AM

By Darryl Slater | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com

For Jets fans, there are a few important parts of every football season.

Finding a well-fitting jersey of the team’s next great hope. (Those Mark Sanchez No. 6s have long since been dumped, in favor of Sam Darnold’s 14.)Believing that this coach is actually the guy who will deliver that long-awaited next Super Bowl trophy. (Adam Gase was born nine years after Super Bowl III, by the way.)

And reckless self-medicating.

The Jets haven’t reached the playoffs since 2010, so their fans have had plenty of reasons to seek the bottle — any bottle.

If you’re going to numb your way through another season — or maybe even celebrate the Jets actually doing something competent — why not spoil yourself? Maybe that’s exactly what the Jets were thinking when they licensed their own wine, which sells for the not-so-low price of $25.99.

But is it any good? I decided to visit my local booze shack, buy a bottle, and find out. After all, journalism is a public-service profession first and foremost, right?

Disclaimer: I’m not oenophile, but I appreciate a good red. I usually spend $13 to $18 on a bottle, so you’re not getting a sommelier’s take here. But you’re likely not a sommelier, either.

So they call this wine Jets Uncorked Championship Reserve. Sounds fancy. Bottle looks fancy, too, with the play design from the winning run in Super Bowl III. The wine was released to honor that 1968 Jets team. It’s a 2016 California red blend — a mix of zinfandel, merlot, petite sirah, syrah, and Mike Maccagnan’s leftover coffee.

The first thing you notice: This is a strong wine — 15.4 percent alcohol. Drink enough of it, and you’ll forget about Kyle Brady over Warren Sapp, or the Geno Smith era, or maybe even Rich Kotite …

Actually, you better buy another bottle or 12 for that.

The wine smells sweet and fruity and not at all like decades-long angst. So that a start. It looks dark and full-bodied. It tastes bold and strong — not as sweet as it smells — and a little boozy. But if you can’t handle a touch of that, just keep waiting for a Vernon Gholston-themed White Claw flavor.

The finish is smooth, not at all bitter. It would go well with Italian or ribs or a three-game November losing streak. Really, though, this isn’t a hot-day tailgating drink. It feels like a better fit for a chilly autumn evening.

The final verdict: This is a very good bottle, which is surprising for these potentially gimmicky, team-themed wines. (Fred Wilpon was caught watering down the Mets red with his grounds crew’s hose.)



But is it worth $25.99? No, it’s not. But you’re paying for the novelty with something like this. It’s probably worth about $20. And you’ll feel classier than you would shot-gunning a postgame Miller Lite among the seagulls in the MetLife Stadium parking lot.

So if you don’t mind spending a little extra, this is a nice alternative to your usual Jets pain-killer. And it still isn’t as overpriced as Muhammad Wilkerson’s contract.

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The wine looks great on the website, when it turns up at your door, and while sat on your wine rack / in your cupboard.

You get really excited about how great it's going to be. All the reviews rave about it. You can't wait. The excitement builds.

Finally you open it and pour, it smells great, looks the part. You feel it's pretty good for the first few mouthfuls, and you're waiting for the big pay off.

Then you realize it actually tastes like crap and you've got 15 more bottles of the stuff to get through.


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