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Jets next move

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2 minutes ago, Manu81 said:

What do you think the jets going to do next , i mean this offseason are they gonna make another move on a free agent or maybe a trade for cornerback saint are over the cap maybe a trade for lattimore ?

I have been saying Lattimore for awhile , but Saints were short dbs ,  not sure how they did in draft. 

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2 hours ago, Dinamite said:

I can see Jets trading for Nick Foles, or hopefully just signing him when he gets cut.

This is a possibilty with the connection between Douglas and Foles.  Possibly a 2022 7th round pick that escalates to a 6th if he plays more than a certain amount, which should be unlikely.  I believe it would be a post-June 1 trade to benefit the Bears.  $4M in 2021 and $8M in 2022.  Only $1M of that 2022 is guarunteed, so they could cut him in 2022 but $8M for a veteran like him is reasonable especially with the starting QB on his rookie contract.  Or they could wait until he is cut.  Not sure how many teams need a veteran backup QB.

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