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What first round projected player do you see being a bust?


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I see a few: Terrence Cody and Taylor Mays will be the most spectacular busts IMO.

Mays seems like the popular choice...dont disagree either.

Cody, who knows. Seems to be the most polarizing player in this years draft.

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i love mays and cody. ironically both are on the cusp of the round. Cody makes it in, Mays maybe doesn't.

guys i would stay away from... if not cause they will outright "bust" but because they will be only "meh"

Dez Bryant

Jimmy Clausen

Carlos Dunlap

Jermaine Gresham

Jared Odrick

Demaryius Thomas

Trent Williams

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Jason Pierre Paul

Earl Thomas (Will follow a similar path to Michael Huff and Reggie Nelson IMO...should be fine by his mid-20's and a few years experience)

Carlos Dunlap - Needs to get his weight up.

DeMaryius Thomas - A college WR who ran like 3 pro routes...Will take a couple years and you know what that gets you called nowadays? Super Mega Bust. I'm absolutely amazed that everyone questions Dez Bryant but no one questions DeMaryius Thomas. It's as if all you need to do to get people to like you is look the part and keep your mouth shut.

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people keep saying this is a deep draft. and to some extent that is true. in the later rounds the value is going to be through the roof. but the first round where you find talent that is supposed to be starter or pro bowl material I think is a failure. I think there will be a number of busts. all four of the qb's have the making for busts. I think most of the de's will be busts. mays and bryant have the highest chance.

I think the question is, and I asked this before, at what point in the draft should you find a starter? Got lots of good responses. depends on where they end up and how soon they start.

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Trent Williams and Bryan Bulaga - They're both good players but they'll be put into poor situations and overdrafted. Just don't see them producing like top 10 picks should.

Sam Bradford - Great player, but he's like a piece of glass. Think injuries ruin his career, imagine what happens when he's getting hit by NFL players.

Derrick Morgan - Solid, but won't be special like he should based on his draft position.

Earl Thomas - Shies away from contact too much. He's a one year wonder and I think he's one of those safety/corner tweeners who just doesn't have great success at either spot in the NFL.

Jason Pierre-Paul - I understand he's got nice tape but I just think he's way too raw. Maybe he booms, but I think he busts.

Bruce Campbell - Shouldn't be a first rounder, but that's never stopped Al Davis.

That's a decent list for the guys I think are guaranteed to be first rounders. I don't like some other guys who could land in the first - Dunlap, Griffen, and Patrick Robinson come to mind - but think they could easily be second rounders. Some of this changes based on the situations guys land in and it's tough to predict without knowing where somebody goes, but that's my best shot at it.

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Terrance Cody


"He's a big, fat blob," an NFC personnel man said. "He's a big media creation. If you want a guy to play 10 plays a game and make maybe one play in those 10, then that's your guy. He can't move. He just stands there. He cannot move at all."

Just how slow is Cody's 5.66-second clocking in the 40-yard dash? You can't find a slower drafted defensive tackle in the last 20 years. The closest were Corey Swinson (seventh round, 1995) at 5.62, and Tim Roberts (fifth round, 1992) and Ron Brace (second round, 2009) at 5.51."

who drafts this waste of space

Cody has got to be the most polarizing player in the draft.

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