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***Win Jets Gear: LIMERICK CONTEST***


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There once was a GM named Idzik....



















































































yea....I got nothing 

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Since I did an ode to Pac already, here's one for one of my other pals.. JIF


He once made a jumper verse Houston

still roots for Rex like his long lost son

Shark tooth 'round his neck

He's got germs on his dick

The last girl he roofied weighed half a ton

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how bout this?

There once was a QB named Namath

Who made the NY Jets real famous

But his victory -- never repeated!

The Jets now? -- forever defeated

That's what happens when your team becomes an anus.

you just don't know how to quit us.

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I just want the shades to wear ironically on Sundays. The rest of it you can throw in dumpster fire. I'd only take the football if it's one I can play with, dogs put a hole in my Chad Pennington ball.


guess that was after he fathered three sons

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