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Win an autographed D'Brickashaw Ferguson helmet

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JetNation is hosting another contest courtesy of NRG Energy, sponsor of the New York Jets.  Simply sign up and post in this thread to win an autographed D'Brickashaw Ferguson helmet.  NRG Energy and the New York Jets have been working together to raise awareness about the benefits and importance of solar energy.  Ferguson is the Brand Ambassador for NRG Energy.  Be sure to check them out at http://bit.ly/nyjinf1.


The winner will be announced Wednesday, November 19th IN THIS THREAD.  Good luck to everyone, and Go Jets! (even though it's a BYE!)

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I shed tears of joy. Thank you Court, thank you JetNation, thank you Vernon Gholston, thank you Big Brick! I cannot wait to get this bad boy and be "that guy" at games.

I just wanted you all to know that if I don't win this I'm burning this mother****er down.

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OK i think i have figured this one out. My sweet triplets all have D´brick as their favourite player and it would be the bestiestest day if I could win it for them!


Sidenote. I did have solar panels on my former house..

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