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Grade Darnolds performance today


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2 hours ago, BroadwayRay said:

I don’t know about the grade, but his homework is to get better at throwing wet footballs. The rain was definitely affecting his accuracy. 

I remember Ray Lucas saying that Parcells used to make his QBs practice with footballs soaked in soapy water. Darnold should do that. 

he played his best game in the rain (raiders)... 

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8 hours ago, Joe the Breadman said:

Looked like he was completely uninterested. 

I got the same impression. He had no rhythm, no urgency, his timing was off and he just sucked badly. He just went through the motions which is sad since he should be progressing and not regressing. It didn’t sit well with me. Not sure but seems like something is underneath his lethargy.  

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7 hours ago, ASH1962 said:

I see the same thing, no fire. Reminds me a little of the Knicks Kevin Knox, either out banging broads until the wee hours or staying up all night playing video games or some dopey $hit like that.

Well probably not over the last week since his so-called OL made up of non NFL players allowed the “cherry on top” to their performance over Darnold’s very young career of 2 short years...they let his d*ck get karate-chopped against Pittsburgh last week, to go with his stomped on hand, twisted foot, bruised ribs, and I know I’m leaving out probably 5 more things.

Could it be that the guy is just TIRED after a long season, trying to recover from Mono and then being literally “thrown into the Fire” with the Maccagnan OL in front of him.

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1 hour ago, Sammybighead said:

Workman like performance against a good defense in terrible conditions. Accuracy was a bit off, but again, tough conditions. I'd say C+

He completed 64% of his throws in a monsoon. In those conditions the weather is going to affect a handful of throws...


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