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Expectations from Joe Douglas conference tomorrow.

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Do you have a point? It sounds like you think you have a point. Did timmy get stuck in the well agai..nope too advanced. Did you sh*t on the rug again? Bad!
I'm just laughing at everyone me saying he is going to say nothing .... And yet are spending time posting about him saying nothing ... And then will ... In some cases ... Watch the man say .... Nothing

"What also floats in water !??? "

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What's he suppose to say?  If he is going to be a really good GM he knows his actions are better than hollow words like many before him.   I'm sure he is very aware of the glaring weak areas of the team.  One thing is for sure I believe he wants 20 players who have the same character traits as Steve McClendon and have a deep passion for the game as Adams. So we will find out soon enough.  I might even try to make to the Senior Bowl.   Only 3 hrs. from there.

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Just now, flgreen said:

My expectations are that when Mehta starts asking stupid  questions  about Bell,  Douglas bends him over a chair, and lets Cimini have his way with him.

Be the best season ending PC ever

Just curious, but why is the obvious misuse of Bell, and Bell's future here, "stupid questions"?

I'd certainly like to know what our biggest FA Offensive pickup was basically a bust.

I'd certainly like to know hy Gase's comments yesterday was so utter sh*t.

I'd certainly like to know if Bell will be a Jet in 2020 of if they think he trade him.

Are these things Jets Fans don't want to know?  Do you just want Douglas to get up there and fellate Gase and Darnold's greatness, and that'll be you happy?

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2 minutes ago, Samtorobby47 said:

So embarrassing they’re not streaming it live. Hate the way our PR team thinks sometimes. Does nothing. 

Gives you the feels of another Maccagnan situation. He was hidden too. Not a good look and doesnt exactly instill confidence that Douglas is up for the gig.

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