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Fans attending the Jets Bills game on Sunday

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6 minutes ago, Chewy and the Jets said:

And maybe the worst play of them all is overlooked:  down 2 scores with plenty of time left, 4th and 5, Zach Wilson steps up and instead of running for the first down which was wide open he decides it's better to try and thread a 25 yard pass between 3 defenders.   I mean did they not watch the Bears game at all?  

He had an open field and easily would have had the first down. I agree, this may have been Zach’s worst play. We would have had a first down deep in Patriots territory.

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1 hour ago, Warfish said:

Why are you trying to ruin my first ever Jets home game with reality?

Is this really your first ever jets home game?

if so, ignore all of this stuff and enjoy yourself! 

I’ve had some amazing memories at jets games - wish the game was more winnable on paper but that’s why they play them, I guess 


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2 minutes ago, kevinc855 said:

Jets have a PR issue. They always do these “show up early” things and fans do. Do the jets show up? Never 

It’s not all bad - they shoot t shirts into the stands and joe Nolan bless his heart screams it’s 3rd down when they are down by more than 10 and everyone in the stadium knows it is over

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1 hour ago, Jetsfan80 said:

Learn to laugh at the Jets my man.  The JN experience is what you make of it.  I choose maniacal laughter.  It's a better life than just complaining about everybody.  

No one likes thread police.  

C word, corksoakers, scumbags… so much for no personal attacks ?‍♂️ 

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