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33 minutes ago, k-met57 said:

Dan Feeney missing the block at 35 seconds is comical.

Much better to have Feeney and know what he is than draft an interior lineman in the mid rounds who can potentially be an NFL caliber starter, right?

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11 minutes ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

How the heck did we barely use this guy all year?!

could be:

1. the other TEs are better at blocking

2. he may have been getting better all year until he was good enough to play

3. maybe his route running isn't at par yet

4. Most likely LaFleur et al just suck :-)

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14 minutes ago, Zachtomims47 said:

LaFluer not finding a way to use a players talent? Ya don't sayyyyy


my favorite part of yesterday's game was when I said something like, "it seems like every run play is blown up by one guy, why not use a FB/HB to cover that block" and mentioned Ruckert as that option.  Then on that series they used one on 4th down and picked up the first w/ a nice gain. Then on the next play, 1st down, they went back to single-back and got blown up at the LOS.


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1 hour ago, Warfish said:


Would have liked to see him targeted in the passing game, but any step is better than no step.

Still have belief in him for 2023 and beyond.

He did catch one pass though I am unsure how many times he was targeted.

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Oh, so now LaFleur is also personally at fault for terrible FA signings and the overall team depth chart driven in part by that, too?

It's certainly not like when some get locked in on one scapegoat for everything, they lose the ability to form a meaningful thought.

Offseasons are the greatest of all treasures!

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