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Turf finally being replaced at Met Life

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1 hour ago, Jimmy 2 Times said:

It's a shared stadium.  The neutral gray was done so both teams fit. 

Did you prefer the red seats of our previous home?

So they compromised into a dump 

maybe sharing a stadium is the problem 

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4 hours ago, BP said:

Seriously, you get butt hurt all the time when somebody says MetLife is a sh*thole. It really is, but you take it personally ALL THE TIME!

I must be sh*tty Jets fan too because I called ecurbs beloved MetLife a sh*t hole.

Fun facts: I never saw ecurb at a game until 2010. 

Nobody would be bitching if the team was winning. Also I know people are full of sh*t because they claim somehow Giants stadium was better. That was an actual dump.

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10 hours ago, ECURB said:

Should I start posting all the empty stadiums for you or do you get the point? ??


I love how tight to the field the seating is at SoFi .... Met Life is a sprawling failure of engineering.


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