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    • Can't wait to see this young man under center.  Love his attitude. 
    • Holy jezzus, people.  They're TV shows.  You know, make believe.  Nobody is watching these things thinking they're some type of historical time pieces that are going to advance our society and culture.  These arent life changing literary pieces.  It's mindless entertainment about sh*t that doesnt happen and will never happen.  If you want to watch serious shows about real life stuff that is totally believable...then WTF are you watching a Zombie show based on a comic for? I mean, I get it.  Everyone loves to be a critic and it's fun saying SOA and Donovan are stupid...but I really fail to see the difference.  I loved BrB, SOA, Donovan, TWD, BWE - all those shows are the same things with just a little bit of a different spin to it.  Like I said, it's Mexican food...all the same ingredients, prepared slightly different to produce a slightly different flavor.  This thread is starting to remind me of the Super Hero movies conversations.  Debating the merits and plots lines of guys dressed in tights doing ridiculously stupid sh*t.     
    • The part I struggle with his he still never beat a winning team in 2015. So 2015 Fizzlemagic at full glory and nearly orgazmic climax still drops tragically limp against winning teams. So unless the Patriots have a losing record when we face them at home we under no delusion drop at least two. So unless Pfizer comes up with a prescription for Low-Fitz we sit alone and cry in a dark room after the regular season. Just like 2015. 
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