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    • The Winter of our discontent. Another Idziot blunder. Go Willie, Go Cardinals......Willie went to my high school. Sign that road grader Mac!
    • I smoked Kool Milds for awhile...
    • Yes that is EXACTLY what I was saying. You are such a little genius with so much wonder and awe, and most CERTAINLY got my post 100% dialed in to near perfection for your arrogant retort. Do you feel proud of your effort? You most certainly should. I am so proud of you and the total disrespect you have shown everybody here.  I am so fvcking proud of the raw aptitude of the newbies, they really make me proud when they spout off such well thought out responses. Should I give you a FVCKING gold star beside your name? NO, I think you are too intelligent and arrogant for that, you are soooo smart and fancy. MUCH too fancy. As for the resident gynecologist, hey pardon me for taking an abnormal desire to understand what was happening when my daughters were born. At the very least,  doctors say the average delivery date for a first time mom is 4 days past "due".  But hey, what do they know? I have personally witnessed a 10 day over-due date with my two daughters.  Im sure you will get through it totally different. In fact, with you're perfect comprehension of everything, you should have no trouble getting through the first birth no matter what the circumstanses on the EXACT fvcking day.. I was so excited with the birth of my first child that I actually looked up stuff! Crazy I know, right? But that was 1993, so I actually had to LOOK UP stuff. You have that FANCY outlook and all, you must be sooo smart and grounded, much like someone who has prior knowledge of such things.  Geez you are so cool, would it be ok if I claimed you as my hero? No really, you are so fvcking cool and intelligent, you serve sooooooooooooooo many of us as an inspirational entity. As for me, I'll just rely stupidly on numerous first hand experiences to mold my opinion of childbirth, mmmmkay?. You know, cuz Ive actually been there and done that.
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