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The price of a round 2 trade-down looks good to me. Move back a handful of spots and get a 3rd or 4th rounder here, unless there's an absolute bargain staring at you (like in R1).

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Chris Wesseling ‏@ChrisWesseling 8m8 minutes ago #Jets DE Leonard Williams on facing Patriots: "I hope that's the first sack of my career, on Tom Brady"


Lol at Mac's answer to manish asking him if he'd have drafted another tackle if it was BPA,  "if I drafted another Dtackle, I'd be afraid you guys would tihnk I was trading Sheldon."

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Damn, a trade right out of the gate.

Remind you of the Shonne Greene trade anyone?  Sleep on it overnight, then realize someone you want is left, then trade up to the top spot of the day to get him.

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People will bitch and I really want Offense but could you really be mad if they went Eli Harold or Gregory?

our fans bitch about anything. They just want to draft offense for the sake of it even if it isnt the BPA
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A commentator on ESPN called him Donovan Mcnabb

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Yup I caught that.. goober.

Good, I'm not the only one who heard it. Was worried my ears were going bad.

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