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A thread about Tom Compton


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Ok so if we are going to do this Compton is bigger than Winters and he's healthy 

Winters was obviously the better technician and leader but was never healthy 

the Bengals defense is much maligned but does have Geno Atkins btw and other nasty interior defenders. The Fins don't have that sort of player inside 

Adam Gase's "system" *sideshow bob shudder* is a zone scheme prioritizing tall guys who can also move a little. Compton fits that mold. He sucks but it's what Gase wants and as the 34 streak showed, it can work.

Tom Compton is a replacement level starter and yes right guard is a hole. Ideally KO would have played and Lewis would have swapped to the position altho both are natural left guards. 

Gase is not really a fan of using resources on the line, but Douglas in charge, look for the Jets to end up with 4 tackles and a center next season. 


speaking of guards if only the Jets had a chance to draft the best guard in pro football just by sitting at 6 overall. And the 3 second round picks. That's where starting CBs, Edge, WR and OL come from. 

none of this matters if franchise QB #14 doesn't show up to play ball 


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21 hours ago, RonaldJet said:

Jets are 3-1 in the Compton era. Thoughts?

They also won with Edoga in there. I think Compton is capable but the Jets need two tackles. Shell is a guard more than a tackle if he is anything at all. If Winters comes back healthy the Jets would be fine at guard with him and Compton. Lewis is more a run blocker that struggles in pass protection. I would like to see the Jets get the Georgia tackle.

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