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Former NY Jets QB Christian Hackenberg lands N.J high school coaching job.


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NY Jets: Christian Hackenberg lands local high school coaching job

By Justin Fried

Mar 4, 2021

NY Jets, Christian Hackenberg Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports


Former NY Jets‘ quarterback Christian Hackenberg didn’t exactly have the most successful NFL career. In fact, it might be a stretch to say he even had a career given that he never suited up for a regular-season game.

But since retiring from the NFL he’s remained busy. And his latest venture will see him embarking on a new journey and starting his coaching career in the same state that he once called home during his NFL career.

Hackenberg, who turned just 26-years-old last month, has been hired as the quarterbacks coach at Winslow Township High School in New Jersey marking the first coaching job of his young career.

This comes after a failed stint in the short-lived Alliance of American Football and a brief attempt to revive his career as a baseball pitcher. Now, Hackenberg will attempt to transition to the world of coaching.

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Quite possibly the worst jets draft pick ever.  At least in some part a reason we did not draft a Qb the next year and he could not play at all.

The good thing he did though was thoroughly exposes some members of the sunshine squad on this site that bought into the validity of being red shirted for like 3 years in a row.

Hope he does well in his future.

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1 hour ago, Salehery said:

Anyone recall when Hack looked legit on his first preseason drive? 

And then stunk throughout every single preseason game for the next two years? Yes I remember that. 

I also remember someone trying to put out my Zach Wilson fire by telling me "Christian Hackenberg looked just as good during preseason meaningless football" my ass.

Christian Hackenberg Preseasons



Look at those atrocious completion percentages, yards per pass attempts, INTs, sacks, QB Ratings the guy absolutely stunk and "meaningless" preseason football exposed him. 

I wish him the best of luck as a Football coach because bad QB or not he's still got a love for the game and I respect that and hopefully we'll see him become PSU's future NCAA coach once tearing up the HS Football ranks.

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