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Just now, Green Ghost said:

We get it. You like Becton. ?

I’m fine with giving him a pass this year and I’m assuming he will show up ready to play this July, but if you’re going to feel the need to defend him every time someone cracks a joke about him, you’re never going to be happy.

Do yourself a favor, crack off a piece of bread, dip it into the sauce and maybe steal a meatball out of the pot?  You’ll feel better. ?

Actually I didn't want him. I have an attachment to the truth.

And I'm not sure how you know I'm making raviolis today but you're dead on. Lol

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1 minute ago, Joe Willie White Shoes said:

If the Jets lost that exact same game vs the Bills, ALL you would hear and read -  from posters on this board to the beat writers to the tv media- was how bad Wilson played and how the loss was his fault.  I'm sorry, but that is the absolute truth.  You'd hear about the two turnovers and how he couldn't lift the team and how he couldn't get first downs to rest the defense.  If that game were a Jets loss, it would have been on Wilson.  

If Wilson had Jones numbers last night we’d be praising him this morning for continuing to show improvement.

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The NFL has to do something about these phantom holding calls. It's ruining the game. The flag should only come out when an official actually  sees a player grabbed and held. That was not a hold.  Most holds are not holds.  A defensive player going to the ground after contact with a 300 lb lineman is not always the result of being held. Wiping out a game changing play for a BS call like that changes games.

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Just now, Joe Willie White Shoes said:

If that's him, he's three times the fool/jerk than I though he was.  He plays for and is under contract with another NFL team. WTF?  And anyone who takes his shirt off when it is 5 degrees is an idiot.  I'm sure Harvard and the WFT are proud.  

What does he care? He’s made a sh*t ton of $ and has had a great life. Probably a sign that he’s hanging up the cleats. 

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