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80 takes his lumps thread


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4 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

I'm so glad to be wrong!!!  Zach looked like a real QB today against the # 1 defense, and we friggin WON.  You were right and I'm sorry.

Serve me all the crow you'd like and post everything you've got for the next 2+ weeks here.  lol.  


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Big man move there. But need to see this consistently before any commitments are made. They stopped the running around thing and gave him a little protection. Game balls to secondary and O line.

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2 minutes ago, jetstream23 said:

Played smart. Played well enough to win. That’s a really good sign of growth after last weeks game. Quite honestly, this season has been two steps forward, one step back for him. I will take that any day for a second year quarterback. Trajectory is still upwards. 


Think about what Tua & Allen looked like in year 2,and then year 3.

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1 minute ago, fullblast said:


It’s literally all I’ve wanted to see from him!! Don’t care about the end game stats, just run the offense.

This is what year 2 should be about.  Get that figured out.  Once he gets that and can do it over and over again.  Year 3 he takes it to the next level, starts to be team that can put the team on his back.

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It’s funny they showed a graphic of Allen and ZW stats the first 18 games and they were pretty similar.  Now I don’t personally love Allen as much as others do.  I feel if you take away his running game he isn’t close to being the same player.  I think ZW can use his legs but as a great arm.  If he just keeps it simple like today watch out

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2 minutes ago, Jets Voice of Reason said:

Zach stepped up and played smart today. The fake punt run was a really gutsy call. throwing it away on a play eerily like last week was great. The sack he took at the end of the game was also a good play. Didn’t risk something dumb for a td for something that was covered. 

man, is it beautiful to have a real pass rush. 

Garret wilson is a beast. If we lose breece, ride the other dominant rookies. This rookie class has been phenomenal. Probably the best class I can remember since the Brick-Mangold one. 

Garrett Wilson is the best WR this franchise has had since Al Toon.

Still think we're basically cheering that Zach Wilson did not shat himself. With this defense, that's probably enough most games. A playoff berth is a distinct possibility, but not sure it's good enough to make noise if they get in. 

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