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****The Officially Official Dolphins Vs Patriots Game Thread****®️©️™️


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3 minutes ago, bostonmajet said:

that play always works for them and never for us; wasn't that a block in the back? Didn't think it was a thing at the LOS, but they called it on us once, no?


3 minutes ago, JonMcgraw38 said:

Holy sh*t what a blatant block in the back not Called 

On top of the massive hold on Mia Db #28 on that screen earlier.


It's disgusting. 

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4 minutes ago, Warfish said:

Of course Miami is sh*tting the bed.

Of course the Pats will get a Bill steam that doesn't care, and will sneak on to the postseason.

Of course.

We have no one to blame but outselves. We were 7-4 in the drivers seat entering December 

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1 minute ago, bostonmajet said:

I think they still have a shot if Pats lose next week, no?

Yeah.  They would be in the same position as us.  

Assuming the Jets win and the Pats win,  the winner of the Jets\Phins game next week would be the 7 seed IF the Bills beat the Pats.  

Pats will have a win and in game next week.  

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Just now, Zachtomims47 said:

If KC wins. Doesn’t that lock them to the one seed?

Thus no point if Bills win or not week, doesn’t do anything for them. 

I think. 

I think if Buffalo beats Cincy tomorrow night they still have a shot at the 1-seed.  

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