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I don't care if its the chalk picks.  Give me a GB-KC Super Bowl, please.  I have no interest in seeing Tom Brady or the f**king Bills playing for a championship.

Now that was an accurate throw.

Sir, this thread needed to be posted tomorrow and there aren't enough asterisks.  

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Bills D isn't good enough.  Have to be able to at least slow the Chiefs down.  Bills D is average in my opinion, which is surprising because there is a lot invested on that side of the ball.

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8 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

Sounds like the really sh*tty showcase on Price is Right.  Like this one:



Episode 9973D, May 8, 1996: New York Jets season tickets, six-night trip to New York City, two jet skis, six night trip to Bali

Bali seems lovely, there’s plenty to do in New York on someone else’s dime, and jet skis are awesome. If this Showcase just had those three prizes, it’d be downright wonderful.

The Jets tickets, though.

Let’s assume those are season tickets for the 1996 season. How’d the team do that year?



YIKES. The one win wasn’t at home, so this prize is more accurately described as “spend eight days watching the Jets lose in person.” This dreadful season wasn’t entirely surprising either, as the Jets had just gone 3-13 in 1995.

The Price Is Right has given out season tickets several times, but this is the only instance I could find in which the show awarded tickets to see a team outside of Southern California, where the show is taped. Why the Jets, of all teams?


Moreover, why does this Showcase include a trip to New York City and season tickets for the New York Jets? You have to live in or near New York for the tickets to be useful, in which case the value of the trip is greatly diminished.

You might be thinking you can just sell these tickets. But it’s 1996, so you’re getting actual paper tickets, and you have no easy way to sell them or transfer them online. eBay wasn’t much of a thing until 1997. Best case, you’re selling the whole package to someone who knows the team is bad and might not give you full price.

Slightly worse: you go try to scalp them in person every week.

Worse than that: you do this while not living near New York City.

Though that is still preferable to the absolute bottom: you attend every home game the ‘96 Jets play.

Here’s the best part: a real person had to figure out what to do with these tickets. A woman named Carol won this Showcase. I have no idea what she did with the tickets, and I desperately want to hear her story.

Most people took the cash value of what they won. For many it was the only way to pay the taxes. Probably what she did

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1 minute ago, Beerfish said:

Why was the game clock not running there?  What did i miss?

Ruled him out of bounds.  But Bills still had a TO, so would not have mattered.

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