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Godspeed Carl Lawson


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Best of luck to him, but the Organization should be pragmatic, and plan for a future where he is not what he was.

Pass Rush, in the next offseason, seems a clear primary draft need, now that the O finally got some love and appears relatively well stocked with skill position and O-line talent.  No objection going back to Defense in Round 1/2 next year, as we stand today.

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2 minutes ago, JetsFanShawn said:

there goes 21 even be for it got started were done already byby playoffs 

You can't go darkside on us, Shawn. You just can't. No. Gase is gone Shawn. He can't hurt us anymore. Bald people make better coaches. Science. We're in a good place. Buck up, little camper. 


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3 hours ago, Defense Wins Championships said:

Get well soon Lawson. 

And hey you never know maybe he comes back next year and ready to fight back while also fighting opposite of...

This kid will look awesome in Jets Green and White.

(Thnx to Seattle's soon to become 2021 disaster season and/or another Joe Douglas 1st round trade up).

Our draft slot will be 20 slots or so too low to get him. We are still a 9,10 win team. No Jets green glasses either.

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