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1 minute ago, Dunnie said:

I've been steadfast .. OLine is losing the game so far.

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Yea if you cant run, you're just setting up teh passing game to fail. no way around that. Thats why you have to pass on FIRST DOWN you dumb azz LaPuke.  Keep teh defense on their tippy toes. Quick short passes, get Zach's confidence up and get him in rhythm.   

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3 minutes ago, carlito1171 said:

MLF instead of handcuffing the O like a lil b!tch how about you help out your QB by calling some RPOs and rollouts to give him easier reads....

Watch how Shanahan called the game against seattle....constant rollouts giving his young inexperienced QB easier reads...

We know Zach has his issues....but we have a game to win! 

This....they're trying to keep Zach in the pocket so he learns how to play...but F-that right now.  Just make things easier on him.  We know what he is right now - so change it up.

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