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Hurts signs 5 year 255 mil

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The Eagles and their superstar quarterback agreed to terms Monday on a five-year, $255 million contract extension that makes him the highest-paid player in NFL history, per sources.

Hurts’ deal has $179.304 million in total guarantees, including $110 million fully guaranteed at signing and $126.5 million fully guaranteed by March 2024, as well as the first no-trade clause in Eagles history -- another sign of the franchise’s faith in Hurts, who is still only 24 years old.

The Eagles QB can earn an additional $15 million in incentives, giving him an opportunity to make as much as $274.304 million through 2028, including $4.304 million that he would’ve been due in the last year of his original rookie contract this season.

Hurts gets a raise in 2023, including a $23.294 million signing bonus, and will make $64 million through the first new year in 2024. The Eagles now have him under contract for the next six years, on a deal that preserves their flexibility to keep the team intact around him.



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That's a big move by the Eagles.  Hurts was great last year, but it was one season.  Any regression and that contract is gonna hurt a lot.  He's a good kid though so rooting for him even though I have no love for the Eagles.

Also, it seems to lock in a new bar for guaranteed money.  It sounds like about 70% of it is guaranteed, which seems to line up fairly well with the Ravens offer to Lamar.  I wonder if this moves them along, or if he will continue to cling to the Watson parameters.

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3 minutes ago, Scott Dierking said:

Devil's advocate here:

-Hurst 165 rushing attempts ( 16 games) in 2022

-Lamar Jackson 185 rushing attempts (projected 17 games) in 2022

That said, the body types are totally different.

Yea Hurts might be squatting more weight then anyone on the eagles 

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6 minutes ago, undertow said:

There's nothing about Lamar Jacksons contract strategy that's smart.

Without a doubt. Lamar Jackson is a freaking idiot for not having an agent negotiate for him. He's pissed away a lot of his potential earnings and he'll lose even more because he's a stubborn rockhead. 

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14 minutes ago, Jets Things said:

To his WR's or RB's and TE's? Because if I'm an NFL WR, the last QB I want to play with is Lamar Jackson. 

Well, when Hollywood was there, he had 1,000 yards. It's not like any other WR on his team has done sh*t in the league. Certainly not on the levels of Devonta or AJ.

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