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Tomlinson Athleticism On Display

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there's another play from this game where he just lunges forward and falls down, completely missing the guy he's supposed to block. IDK if he's trying to chop block but it ends similarly to this one.

no idea how this guy could have won any honest competition after the season he had last year and the way he's looked so far

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7 minutes ago, BCJet said:

Tomlinson has been extraordinarily terrible to the point that I honestly wonder what happened to him.  How does a player who seems like a tough guy (rarely misses a start) have his play fall off so dramatically when it doesnt seem like an effort situation.


He got old.

But he has pictures of Saleh doing something illegal.... probably not.

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8 hours ago, derp said:

They pushed Tomlinson’s money to next year to make him harder to cut next offseason instead of trying to upgrade him.

Thank you Joe Douglas?

Thus far he's been an atrocious FA pickup, and can't see him getting that 3rd season picked up, absent a 180-degree turnaround. He's not any harder to cut than before.

The choice is still the same for 2024: pay his non-guaranteed $12.6MM salary or don't.

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