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    •   FTFM You complete me!!!!!!!!!! lololololollolol  
    • lol  You act like they were in similar situations, when it was night and day. Neither QB was good, but Sanchez had a comparatively dominant OL. Foles, in contrast, took a merciless beating on a weekly basis early on (plus getting laid out on a dirty hit from 300-lb Chris Baker week 3, which should have sidelined him). At the time he broke his collarbone he led the league in getting hit while throwing, which comes as no surprise: pro bowl LG Mathis left the game before halftime in week 1, and fully missed games 2-8 for Foles. Top backup Matt Tobin also missed the first 3 games after injuring his knee in the preseason game vs the Jets, so they went down to 3rd string guard Dennis Kelly for those 3 games, and he was just atrocious. Mathis was back in the lineup for games 9-16 for Sanchez. pro bowl C Kelce missed half of week 3 and all of games 4-7 for Foles, and was replaced by some mook named David Molk. Kelce was back in the lineup for games 8-16 for Sanchez. starting RT Lane Johnson was suspended for the first 4 games of the season. Johnson's backup at RT (Barbre) was also placed on IR in week 2. Johnson was back up to speed and 100% for all of Sanchez's games. Foles had RG Herremans and Sanchez didn't, which would seem to be in Foles' favor on paper, except Herremans wasn't a good pass blocker anymore, and at 32 was having the worst season of his career. Then tore his biceps week 9. He was replaced by Andrew Gardner, who ended up being a noticeable upgrade, which is why Philly kept him and cut Herremans after the season. The lousy Herremans started games 1-8 for Foles, and the upgrade Gardner started games 9-16 for Sanchez. That awful, early OL also had a devastating effect on the running game. McCoy looked like crap for most of those first 5 weeks. Sproles then sprained his knee week 6, missing the next game vs Arizona (which was exactly the kind of loss for which we're used to you absolving Sanchez: 3rd & 5 with 1:33 left to play, and the D surrenders a gamewinning 75-yd TD pass).  Oh, also with all that above, over the first 5 games the Eagles D did them no favors either, as they surrendered 26.4 ppg. Eagles were 4-1 over that stretch. 
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