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    • Mac didn't choose Bowles. Let Mac choose his own coach.
    • So it's come to this. I am actively rooting for my team to lose. This team is bad.  BAAAAD. Not "a few bad breaks here or there" (Folk hits his extra point in Cinci it's a whole different season) but rotten and poorly built.  Our best OL is the young, about to be FA RG the fan base wanted to run out of town when the offseason started.  Our high-dollar, pro-bowl center has been mediocre at best for 2-3 years.  Our high-dollar, hall-of-fame lock defensive cornerstone has been disinterested and useless.  Our high-dollar ascending young stud DL took his big contract and no-showed for a year ... on the field and in meetings.  We have relatively high cap charges going to a 30 year old RB, a 32 year old WR, and a 32 year old MLB.  We need a complete tear-down and rebuild. And for that to happen, the last thing we need is to have some false-hope victories against bad teams like the 9ers.  I don't even care about the draft pick (though if the 9ers beat us, we may end up with the No. 2).  I just want to be sure there's no patch-job, "competitive rebuild" bullsh*t holding us back next year. A nice showing from Petty would be great.  Continued growth from our young players.  But most important of all, I hope Kaepernick blows our ******* doors off.
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