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    • Jack of all trades, master of none. I'd rather stay away. I'm a Michigan fan and loved him there but I don't think his game translates to the NFL.

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    • Who do you believe will be worse than us? You have the Browns, 49ers, Bears, Jags, Rams and Jets picking 1-6 in this draft.  Next year the Browns suck as badly as we will but are acquiring talent and on a good path.  The Niners will sign Cousins next year so they won't be gunning for a QB. The Bears just signed Glennon for a multi year contract and he will play well this coming year.  The Bears will be much improved.  The Jags are just young and oozing with talent and Maronne is a solid coach. They too will be much improved. Even if Bortles flops, the Jags will be better, much better.  The Rams have Goff- no need for another QB. There really are no teams that desperately need a QB next year or project to be as abysmal as us other than the Browns. We will be in a good position to get a top notch QB prospect next year.  Remember also, there will be numerous teams grabbing these project QB's this year to groom for the future. That eliminates many teams from trading for one next year. The Jets have no viable QB on this roster that will win them games.  They will win a few but it will be few and far between. McGowan is damn near retirement, Petty is still as raw as an onion and Hack is in QB kindergarten class. We are in prime condition to get younger, get playing time for the new kids on the block and acquire a high draft pick to get a franchise QB in 2018. SUCK FOR SAM. 
    • What the hell is wrong with you people?   
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