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Jets Cut James Burgess

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19 minutes ago, joewilly12 said:

What’s the cap room savings on this release. 



Year Age Base Salary Prorated Bonus   Guaranteed Salary   Cap
Cap %  
Dead Money & Cap Savings
Cut (pre-June 1)Cut (post-June 1)Trade (pre-June 1)Trade (post-June 1)RestructureExtension 
Total   $825,000 $50,000   $50,000   $875,000  
2020 26 $825,000 $50,000   $50,000   $875,000 0.4%  
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Recent reports have Avery Williams running with 2nd team, Mosleys gone, Onwuasor is hurt  and we cut Burgess. Unless they’re gonna rhino glue Blake Cashmans shoulders in place I don’t get this one. He wasn’t great but was a good backup 

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1 hour ago, TNJet said:

I think its the emergence of Cashman.


1 hour ago, kdels62 said:

Onwuasor makes the roster, gets IR’d and Burgess comes back by Monday.

I think it's a combination of things including both of the above as possibilities.  When Avery Williamson accepted the pay cut he got the spot as backup ILB.   The Jets seem to want Hewitt, Cashman, Williamson and Onwuasor......so Burgess is out, but as @kdels62 said, it might only be temporary if Onwuasor ends up on IR.

Joe Douglass is working the roster, the depth chart, and playing the IR and salary cap game here.  This is why he gets paid.  Let's see how it turns out.  2021 would look to be Mosley, Cashman, Hewitt and Onwuasor (or Burgess) is my guess.

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Really surprised by this. Even if he is not the starter he played well and is very solid depth. Might be injury related or a nudge nudge thing to prevent losing someone on the PS. Remember we can protect 4 players on the PS, so maybe Cager or White is put there week 2 and is protected and then Burgess comes back.

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