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Keelan Cole signs 1yr 5.5 w/Jets


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Just now, Carnival Barker said:

Well at least we finally have some legitimate NFL players at the WR position. 

Still need that top flight target, but this is a start. 

Davis and Cole are improvements over Breshad Perriman, that's for damn sure.

Agreed. I never want to see Berrios or Perriman again. 

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3 minutes ago, ScarletKnight89 said:

Quality player. Good deal.

I guess this most likely means no JuJu. But you never know. 

Cutting Crowder and using that money to sign JJSS is more than possible. But I don't think Douglas will go that way. 

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I'm asking for a leap of faith on this one.... He was JAX's WR1 on his rookie year and fell out of favor with Marrone.... he didn't just cash in on 5 mill for nothing
This guy was one of my 3 favorite FA WRs to sign for his ability to play anywhere at the position -- and his craftiness. 
Bite your tongue and give him a chance.

I haven’t done the homework but you have some I’ll take your word for it.

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This is exactly what i think the team needs, more NFLstarting talent, this is not a guy who is superstar but he has experience, can get open and play. He wont disappear all game, low cost, potential upside and gets us another WR that can extend drives. 

Really love this move. He basically is cheaper and more talented Crowder. I really like it.

He walks on as best WR we have before FA. 

Great pick up from JOE> I hope we draft a WR and maybe pick up one more WR in FA. 

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