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Jets/Eagles Joint Practice 8/24


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12 minutes ago, Drums said:

Now the D gets a few days going against a mobile QB. I think these joint practices were a great idea and will be helpful for the players growth moving forward. Also helps see what works against different looks without having it be on view for all the other teams. 


Also, only on page 2 so far (Becton throwing up while I am eating is lovely to read) so I hope no one died by now. 

Oh just wait....it gets worse......


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  • I think these practice drills are inherently pass focused, so pass protection will look worse.  In the PS games, pass protection looked better as the Jets ran more.  I think it will be ok.
  • G continues to be a problem.  JD outsmarted himself with Feeney-low cost, low ability.   JD only really added one G this off season to a team that needed 2-3.   Counting on Lewis and Clark (ha!) was a mistake.
  • Becton has his strengths but obviously has issues with conditioning.  For this team, having three Ts that rotate could be a good strategy.  
  • I don't think an effective PS strategy is not hitting.  Alot of injuries are predestined, like Lawson's achilles-that was going to go sometime this year.   There should be some hitting to prepare the players and flesh out who is going to get injured, who is not in football shape, etc.  they can be put on IR for later/next year.
  • The 2020 draft was not good, and it will take until 2022 until the 2021 draft shows what it is really made of.  
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7 minutes ago, Defense Wins Championships said:

Reminding me of 2020s right side of our O-Line all over again. I can't remember 1 single fan praising Fant or screaming at Gase for not running behind Fant etc (62nd/62nd).

@kdels62appreciate you for all of these tweets Thnx you it's made our TC today. 

Maybe check the correction where he says it was Moses.

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22 minutes ago, jeremy2020 said:

Do we get 3 tries against teams in the regular season too?

Do we get to play against our opponent's second team defense in the regular season too?

Our first team offense beating opponents second team defense in pre-season doesn't give me a warm and fuzzy about the season.

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