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Official 2022 Free Agency Thread

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5 minutes ago, ZachEY said:

I don't think you can go into the season w/o Fant.  I do think you can go into the season w/o Becton.

I think you could make an argument both ways. It all depends on what is really going on between Becton and the staff, and not the stuff we all here and discuss on this board. If they are good with him, I don't see him going.

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20 minutes ago, RedBeardedSavage said:

Failed a physical and they're doing him a solid by saying "he backed out"?

Pure speculation, but this doesn't really make sense otherwise?

Or he saw the contracts that got signed after he verbally agreed, and figures he can make more?  What he agreed to would have made him only the 39th highest edge and 20th highest OLB.

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WR A. Robison has agreed to sign with the Rams 3 years and $46.5 million.
We don’t entertain LB Myles Jack because he can tackle. And now a receiver who can catch and help a young QB.
But we did resign OL Denny who doesn’t really block and DL Sherwood who won’t and can’t Tackle.

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