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Official 2022 Free Agency Thread

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28 minutes ago, mrcoops said:

Looks like a reasonable deal for the Rams.  I'd have liked the Jets to make that signing, at that price.

Of course, playing for the SB Champs and catching passes from Stafford may have been a factor in his decision.

Robinson played his whole career with young or bad QBs. No way he was signing anywhere but with a team with an established top flight QB. Plus, he only has a couple of years left.  The Rams were a good home for a 29 year old receiver. For a team that is still building, like the Jets, he's a little long in the tooth. Bottom line - he was not a fit for the Jets and the Jets were not a fit for him.  

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3 hours ago, Stark said:

maybe. If you sign hunter and were not contending in 3 years we probably have a new GM and Coach the way Woody works.

I am of the belief that each receiver you have doesn't have to play the position the same way. Booth LaFleur really showed a lot of variety in play calling and I think he could easily work Metcalfs stronger routes into the playbook while using Moore and even Davis to a lesser degree as the more technical receivers. 

Lockett to me is just a Moore type receiver in size and I think we need to give Zach a WR that is open even when he's covered. Lockett seems like he disappears for stretches and is close to the "30" you're worried about for Hunter. 


Can restructure McGovern and Fant and create quite a bit right there.

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2 hours ago, Spoot-Face said:


I don't mind the downvote, or if you disagree with me, but I am curious to hear your thoughts on this. Do you think it's too much to ask the #2OA pick to start looking like an average to above-average QB in his 2nd year? This was, of course, based on the scenario we can land a top WR like Devante Adams. Given the other improvements on the line and at TE, I don't think that's too much to ask of Wilson.



Ah - then I misunderstood. I guess I think more along the lines that he's just a part of the puzzle - a critical one - but I feel like the whole team and staff needs to step up. 

I do think Wilson will be better - two years in the pros and in the same offense (which is true for all his teammates as well,) will mean more reacting and less digesting. If he can get into the 15 to 20 range, that's still a huge improvement over being 31st or whatever he was last year. If we get a top tier receiver, then yes, I agree 10-15 is more of an expectation. I still remind myself that overall, it's a very young team with a young coaching staff, and I have to temper my 50 years of crushed hopes. Even if everything regresses to the mean, in our case, it  should trend up, and  it SHOULD mean we catch a break or two for a change - not have massive key injuries and other misfortune. 

I also think - and this is probably heresy - that even if he is average, the team's success will depend on how good the rest of the squad turns out to be, and how quickly. To be competitive with a solid roster, a la Denver or Indy, isn't a bad starting point for long terms success. Top ten QB draft picks might be more a gamble than picks at any other (premium - as in overdrafted in value) position. Coaching, surrounding talent - look at Allen at Buffalo and Jackson with the Ravens: both probably considered the biggest gambles of their drafts, turning out pretty good. Even that stiff starting for the Cheats looks relatively good, not because he has extraordinary talent, but because he slipped into a broken-in saddle, with a surrounding established system and staff to nurse him. (Disgusting image of Bill Belicheat nursing him pops into my head - blech.)  

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