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Official 2022 Free Agency Thread


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3 minutes ago, Joe W. Namath said:

Love what Joe D is doing.  Stay patient and build through the draft.  We finally have a GM who gets it and it feels so good!!!!!

Joe Douglas is currently the worst GM in team history in terms of W/L record.

Maybe you can go a handful of posts without your JD Iz TeH BesTest EvaR shtick? 

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6 minutes ago, mrcoops said:

Wow, Jags are signing everyone.

Very sorry to see Foley go - a very good player, and a great guy.

He earned his payday - congrats to him.

I dispute that part.  He could have earned a big pay day if he had a great year with the jets last year which he didn't no matter what pff throws gains the wall.  Oh he got paid alright but didn't help our badly rated defense that much.

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