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Nakobe Dean comp


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Height doesn't matter, it's more about arm length. There's some DTs that are 6'6 with only 32 inch arms. In such case one shouldn't rave about their height. Being shorter gives one  advantage when it comes to agility/foot speed. 

Also this dude had some of the best space eaters in the country from starters to the backups. Not saying to rule him out however that his to be considered when evaluating him. 

I'd like to target LB Muma in the 3rd.  Great value at that spot along with Tindall, Clark (LSU), Smith (PSU) or Beaver (Cin) in the 4th round. 

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5 hours ago, Embrace the Suck said:

 He's listed as 5'11. That seems like a potential issue. Size does matter.

Dean is 5'11 1\8'', Vilma 6' 1/2''. Dean has longer arms. Biggest difference

Vilma average Wonderlic score,  Dean is one of the smartest players in college

football, a straight A student in engineering it shows in the classroom more

importantly on the field, where Dean knows where the ball is going at the snap.

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Things that make you nervous

  • played in the ideal situation in Georgia - best defensive line in a long time in front of him occupying blocks
  • No athletic testing

Also, I feel like linebacker in the Saleh scheme is like RB in the Shanahan scheme - if you're trench players are doing their job properly, you're going to look good even if you were drafted on day 3. 

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7 hours ago, AFJF said:

Reminds me of Vilma who was a monster in the 4-3.


Worth a pick at 35 or 38 so he can play outside this year and transition inside down the road?

If he makes it to 35 the only way you don't take it is because you are like oh crap ______ also made it to 35.  If they take him at 38, that means they LOVE the guy the got at 35.  

Four starters with the first four picks, hope the draft shapes up like that.

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6 minutes ago, Guilhermezmc said:

5'11 with really short arms

Really short arms? I disagree. His arm length isn't elite, but it's fine. The primary complaint with arm length is block shedding and more minorly coverage, which he doesn't have a problem with in my opinion.


Nakobe Dean: 31 7/8 inch arms

Fred Warner: 32 inch arms

Luke Kuechly: 31 inch arms

Roquan Smith: 32 inch arms


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