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Aaron Donald trying to decapitate Bengals players


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3 hours ago, Facts said:

I know we have an around the NFL thread, but I thought this perhaps deserves its own thread since he's probably gonna get suspended for this.

It is unlikely he will be suspended. The NFL does not generally discipline players for practice and leaves it to the team. Even joint practices. It's possible, given the violent nature of it and the publicity it's starting to generate, they break that practice and do something. I'd doubt it since they haven't done anything about him literally choking guys. 

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When Myles Garrett took Roudolph's head off I recall he did it because Roudolph call him a *** during the scrum, which cranked up the heat. 

So we need to know what happened first. I heard the Bengals player told Arron Donald that Zack Wilson did more damage to his mom than Arron Donald ever done to him in a game...and helmets came off!

We need to get TMZ's take to know for sure

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8 hours ago, MR.GANGGREEN28 said:

Seeing the most dominant player of the past 7 years duel wield the helmets of the team he just dominated in the Super Bowl is badass. Aaron Donald is a villain, wish he was on our team. 


But is he a “nice kid?”

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4 hours ago, playtowinthegame said:

What a bad decision by the reigning Super Bowl Champs to hold a joint practice with the a team they beat in the Super Bowl roughly 6 months ago. 

Not the biggest fan of joint practices, in general. 

Greater opportunity for fights and injuries. 

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