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Bills VS Rams


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5 minutes ago, BroadwayBen said:

My gut says Rams.

Bills are stout upfront but are starting 2 rookies at CB with the Tre'Davious White injury. I expect Robinson and Kupp to eat if the Oline holds their own for LA

They're not starting 2 rookies at CB. They are likely playing 2 rookies at 1 CB spot. Their other corner will be Dane Jackson, a 3rd year player who played pretty well filling in for White last season. 

They have also been one of the teams that plays nickel for a hefty majority of their defense and have a very good "nickel" or "slot" corner. 

That being said, I agree with you that the Rams will be able to exploit them. I'd argue that Robinson is an upgrade to OBJ. Even healthy, talented secondaries will struggle to slow them down. That offense is going to be even better this year than it was last season.. and that was good enough to win a Superbowl. 

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Stafford's elbow issue seems like a legitimate concern that could bother him all/most of the season. 

Also factor in the Super Bowl hangover and a hungry Bills team, and I'm going with Buffalo by at least a TD tonight.

I know that's the popular pick by the experts and, apparently, Vegas, but sometimes the crowd is right on these things.

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2 hours ago, Trotter said:

Going rams ml and Dawson knox anytime td.

I get the whole bills push this year but don’t understand how the defending champs are underdog at home.



Matthew Stafford’s elbow is still an issue; how big of a problem will it be in 2022?

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