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Groin Injury


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1 minute ago, Copernicus said:

Groin injury but it is not affecting him? Really? Then why are we announcing it?  Like Mims, something not right here

Nice to see you on the board again, good sir.  You have lived up to the brilliance of your namesake.

Yeah, nothing wrong with a groin pull until you push off on it and it nags you the entire season.

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22 minutes ago, Hystorm said:

Groin injury..from his girl?

Don't blame him have you seen her?

Oh, injured from the game...


22 minutes ago, BroadwayJoe12 said:

Sure can. Sorry darling, wrong hole


21 minutes ago, munchmemory said:

That's a tunnel vision problem.  We're talking about a pulled groin.


21 minutes ago, jbt said:

that is my excuse when i try for the back door

Just like that the men’s support  group lost the use of the Church for their meetings. 

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4 minutes ago, SAR I said:


55,000 season ticket holders rejoice as once again the Jets have created Apple Picking Sunday for them to spend with their families.  It's always tough deciding between Gala and Honeycrisp if this trickles into October, now we get both.


One more cold front and the grapes will be ready to come off the vine as well. 

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